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  • Marg Jewellery Software is the complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the Jewellery retail, wholesale & manufacturing. MARG Jewellery Software for inventory & accounting takes care of operations ranging from purchase, sales, manufacturing, return & repair, transactions with contractors, style, imaging and similar operations which are of importance to a jeweler. It comprises of modules, some of which are specific to the Jewellery manufacturing process and the rest are related to general accounting functions.

  • Jewellery Software Master

    Company Master
    Party Master
    Group Master
    Subgroup Master
    Item Master
    Labour Master
    Units of measurement and its conversions
    Terms & Conditions
    Account groups Master
    Very Easy & Fast Excise Invoice Generation
    Discount Master
    Opening balance feeding Master
    Today's rates group wise(Purchase and sale).
    Different Password and its control Master
    Stone Master
    Diamond Master

  • Jewellery Software Transactions

    Polish Weight in % or Weight. You can set different for Sales & Purchase
    Different Chain Weight & Purity in Same Barcode for Nackless & Pendent
    Testing facility at the time of purchase
    Diamond & Stone Weight effect on Net Weight Not in your Hands.
    Raw material purchase details (Party/date/bill/item/barcode/weight wise details).
    Raw material consumed, current and balance details.
    Finished jeweler purchase (Party/date/bill/item/barcode/weight wise details).
    Material issue to Karigar (Party/date/bill/item/weight wise details)
    Issue Diamonds/gems/Pearls/stone/extra goods to Karigar.
    Pure and finished metal/Jewellery receives from karigar.
    Labour account (i.e. credited making charge).
    Repair/Maintenance/touch and polish entry voucher and view.
    Bar-coding of the finished jeweler at the time of receiving from karigar/direct purchase.
    Sale the finished product/Jewellery barcode wise fast and compatible.
    Adjust Old gold/silver or any metal purchase from the customer at the sale voucher with weight, purity and new rate for old gold.
    CREDIT CARD(of different bank with different bank commission %age automatically /CASH/CHEQUE/discount and 50+ types of adjustment in a single bill.
    Order voucher with old gold purchase and the part/full payment entry (i.e. of any type) with delivery Date/time.
    Order voucher auto settlement in bill and as per today's rates conversion in sales invoice.
    Approval voucher and its automatic conversion in sales invoice with separate inventory reports.
    Tray wise/barcode wise/weight wise of gold/diamond/stone wise inventory hunt at the time of sale invoice.
    Online/Offline control of the POS'S sale facility.
    Fixed M.R.P. items sale invoice with proper inventory reports.
    Separate inventory for different groups (i.e. 24ct, 22ct, 20ct, 18ct ornaments)
    Making charge per set/gram/pcs wise entry available.
    Multi description/narration entry facility available.
    Gross weight, net weight, pure weight calculation automatically at the time purchase and sale of ornaments.
    Imaging (means attachments of particular jeweler photos and its printing on memo) facility available.
    Cash returner facility available.

  • Jewellery Software Reports

    Stock and sales analysis.
    Cash and credit sales report.
    Barcode/Product/Customer/salesman wise sales.
    PDC (post dated cheques).
    Trial balance, P&L account, balance sheet.
    Stock transfer to Different POS report.
    Commission on sales.
    Stock transaction reports.
    Reorder on sales\minimum level etc.
    Cash flow/fund flow.
    Gross profit analysis.
    Daily analysis (M.I.S.).

  • Jewellery Software Utilities

    User-definable Warning Alarms & Colourful Indication
    Year- wise data Backup and Restore
    Data Export to word/Excel/Tax file
    Draft Mode & GUI Printing
    Last Year comparison with Various Report
    Bird's Eye View Of Accounts
    Powerful Query System
    Credit limit in Amount, Bill & Days with stop billing facility
    User definable Hot keys

  • Jewellery Software General Features

    Single User & Multi User
    100% Data Security & Accuracy
    Tried & tested (100% error free)
    Multi currency ,Unit , Godown & financial / Year facility
    Calculator & Cash return Adviser
    Month Calendar with Appointment Diary & Note & Note pad
    Any Report Printing from anywhere
    Suppliers, Customers & Personal Directory
    Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Printing
    Hot key for switch over from one report to another
    Software / Operator / Company Passwords & Boundations
    Data Security with Self Backup & Carbon Copy System
    Sales / Purchase, Bank, Ledger & Data Freezing on any Dare

  • Jewellery Software Financial Accounting

    Multi Branch Accounting
    All books of Accounts & Final Results
    Balance Sheet with various schedules
    Configurable Sales & Purchase Registers
    Outstanding Reports and Analysis
    Configurable payment Reminder Letters
    Accounts Receivable & Payable
    Cash & Bank book Day Book & journal
    TDS,FBT & service Tax
    Bank Reconciliations & Interest Calculation
    Configurable Statement of A/C
    Interest Calculation & Bank Re-conciliation
    Depreciation Chart (as per Co. Act / IT Act)
    Cost Centers with Grouping
    Funds Planning / Bank Planning
    Post dated Cheques facility

  • Jewellery Software Security

    User level creation and access control
    User activity tags
    Missing document tracking audit and reports
    Password at company level. User levels and for Edit and delete
    Detailed Audit
    Backups, Restore, Re-Indexing & Packing

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