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FMCG Distribution Software

  • Marg Software for FMCG Distribution

    Complete Inventory & Accounting Management
    MRP wise Stocks Management
    Easy & Fast Billing

  • User Friendly

    Fully Menu Driven
    Item search on Code & Name
    Pop-up Lists
    No need to remember codes
    Audio visual indications
    Mouse Operated

  • Flexibility

    Flexible date format D/M/Y, M/D/Y, Y/M/D
    Millions format for figures
    User-definable fields on Bills
    Delete financial year & Company with 2 backup sets
    Flexible currency symbol & Name
    Flexible voucher numbering System
    Flexible financial year beginning date & period

  • Switch over

    Billing / Voucher entry from any point
    Bill to Bill to Bill switch over for urgent customers
    Hot Keys for switch over from one report to another
    Purchase at the time of Sales and vice-versa
    Any Report at the time of Billing / Voucher Entry e.g. Overdues / Ledgers / Inventory & Financial Reports

  • Securities

    Software / Operator / Company Password
    Special Powers & features for Supervisor
    Operator wise Powers & Boundations
    Voucher History & Passing Authority
    Data Security with Self Backup and Carbon Copy

  • Company

    Multiple Companies
    Multiple Godowns
    Multi Unit
    Multi Currency

  • Utilities

    Easy New Financial year creation with automatic
    Carry balance to successive financial year
    Carry balances from last year at any time
    Error Checking & Reposting of Data
    Credit Bills & Amount limit with Stop Billing facility
    Popup Calculator & User File on Tips
    Shortcut Keys (Standard Narration)
    Data freezing
    Self Backup
    Company wise data Backup & Restore

  • Personal Organiser

    Calculator, Calendar and Personal Diary
    Envelope and Labels printing
    Directory and Telephone book

  • Flexibility & Facilities on Billing

    Alpha Numeric Bill No. Eg. 0001/AP-0001/98-99-0001
    Party & Item creation / modification at the time of Billing
    Change old Bill No. & Date
    Both Local & Central Sales facility
    Sales Tax Forms/L.R. No./Tpt./Banker for Central Sales
    All Reports at the time of billing
    Cancellation & Amendment options
    Challan loading facility to convert into Bill/Invoice
    Expired Item Indication
    Auto calculation of Free & Net Scheme (changeable)
    Locking facility on Rate & Discount if required
    Loss indication on Item / Bill according to your Margin
    Easy item modification by using Up & Down Arrow Keys
    Stock available & Free available status for Item on Billing
    Negative Stock Billing if required (Optional)
    Cash receiving facility at the time of billing
    Supplied Items on Challan Indication print on Bill
    Complete status of select party with Top 9 Overdue Bills
    Sales Man at the time of billing. As per Party/Loop
    Company / Product wise Discount for Party
    Change discount / rate and store in master on Billing
    Auto display of Last deal of selected product with Party/Last 20 deals on Ctrl+S
    Item Searching facility on Code wise / Name wise
    Item wise free scheme Level eg. All/Full/Half/1/3/Qtr
    Working Style FIFO base / Batch Selection / Manual
    Print Batch Facility & Batch Printing (Yes / No) for Party
    Batch / Master / Party wise Rate & Schemes

  • Sales Tax Reports

    Sales Tax Declaration Forms (Receivables / Issuable)
    Sales Tax Summary
    Sales Tax Forms Reminder Letters
    Sales Tax Account Register (Local / Central / Combine)
    ST-2 Register / ST-12, 17, 33 etc / Form 31

  • Inventory Reports (1000 s...)

    All books of Inventory
    Pending Orders
    Maximum & Minimum Level Stock
    List of near Expiry Stocks
    Stock Valuation on Diff. Rates
    Bank Statement / Summary
    Reorder on Sales / Minimum Stock Basis
    Party / Company / Item wise Purchase
    Daily Sales / Collection / Amendment Summary

    (a) Bill Value summaries

    Parties / MR's / Routes / Areas month wise

    (b) Item sales summaries

    Parties, MR, Route, Area, All Items month wise II Items / Parties, All Items / MR

    (c) Company sales summaries

    Parties, MRs, Routes, Areas, Items month wise All companies month, Date to Date, Day wise sales

    (d) Party / MR / Route / Area sales Summaries

    Daily Sales / Collection / Amendment Summary

    Stock Status
    Company wise Stock Status as on
    Batch wise Stocks & Ledgers
    List of Old Stocks
    Stock Registers
    Stock & Sales Analysis
    Stock Ageing Analysis as per your choice days
    Price Lists (Whole / Company wise)
    Sales Analysis with Last Year Comparisons
    Items, Companies month wise all Parties, MRs, Routes, Areas month wise Date to Date, Day wise Summaries
    DAILY ANALYSIS (more than 30 reports)
    Printing of Special Dealings for Party / Item / Whole / Price List etc

  • Management Reports

    G.P. Analysis with Last year Comparisons
    Company wise Margins

    (a) Monthly Gross Profit Analysis

    Parties, MR’s, Routes, Areas & Bill wise

    (b) Items Gross Profit Analysis

    Party, MR, Route, Area, All Items, Date-Date & Day wise

    (c) Companies Gross Profit

    Parties, MRs, Routes, Areas & Items month wise All companies month, Date to Date & Day wise

    (d) Party/MR/Route/Area wise Gross Profit

    Items, Companies month wise All Parties, MRs, Routes, Areas month wise Date to Date & Day wise

    Outstanding Ageing Analysis
    Expenses Analysis
    Debtors Dr/Cr Analysis
    Monthly Abstract Reports
    Entries made on Holiday
    Professional Graphs
    Operator Powers & Boundation
    Refresh Party / Whole outstanding on FIFO basis
    Outstanding Analysis
    Budget Analysis
    Batch wise Updation
    Financial Analysis
    Special Utilities
    Merge Ledgers & Items
    One Key Deletion of Special Rate & Discounts

  • Graphs

    Sundry Debtors / Creditors / Expenses / Budget Graphs
    Debtors Debit / Credit Comparison
    Product / Sales Man G. P. Graphs
    Party / Sales Man / Total G. P. Graphs
    Product Monthly Balance / Debit / Credit
    Ledger / Groups Monthly Balance / Debit / Credit /Dr. v/s Cr. / Average / Last Year Comparison Graphs
    Product / Party G. P. Graphs
    Product wise with (Quantity / Amount)
    Dr. v/s Cr. / Average / Last Year Comparison Graphs

  • Salesman Reports

    Sales Man sale on Date / Item / Company
    Sales Man wise Profits on Item / Company / Date
    Sales Man wise Outstanding
    Party / Sales Man / Total G. P. Graphs
    Sales Man wise Dispatch Summary

  • Indications

    Negative Cash & Stock
    Minimum / Maximum Level
    Loss on Item / Bill
    Budget & Credit Limit
    Backup Indications
    Expired Item

  • Reminders

    A/c Confirmation
    Bank Letter
    Letter to Customers
    Pending Forms
    Collection Reminder

  • Working Zone

    One Time Masters
    Ledger & Group
    Tax Masters
    Item Master
    Party Special Dealing
    Opening Balances
    Stock Levels

  • Data Entries

    Payment/Receipt/Journal/Debit & Credit Note/Contra/Sale/ Purchase/Uncleared Cash/P. D. Cheques Seven different styles both Bill No. & Party wise for Accounts updation
    Bill / Challans of Sale, Purchase, Sale / Purchase Returns, Brk./Exp. Receive & Return, Stock Add / Less, Replacement Note Issue & Receive, Price Difference Dr./Cr. Note, Purchase and Sales Orders, Material Issue / Receive

  • Self Software Setup

    You can setup your Invoice Footer, Terms & Conditions of Sales, Company Special, Special Note on Invoice, Heading of Invoice.

    Printer & Shortcut keys (Standard Narration) Setup

    1)Eg. Route / Area / Sales Man Required Y/N
    2)Rate from Master / Batch files M/B
    3)Free scheme from Master / Batch M/B
    4) Mfg. Date Y/N Expiry Y/N Round off on Bill Y/N
    5) Item wise Discount Y/N Single / Double S/D
    6) Purchase Rate in 3 Decimal places Y/N
    7) Invoice Printing Index Item / Code / Company / No I/C/P/N
    8) Separate Narration for each entry in Voucher Y/N
    9) Surcharge on Tax Y/N S.T. Forms UP/HR/Delhi

    Printer & Shortcut keys (Standard Narration) Setup
    Heading & Sub Heading of ST-2 Register
    TDS & Excise Setup

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