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  • Marg Excise software is simpler, Faster an affordable software for traders/Manufactures. Our Excise software has provided maintain an correct and error free excise details. The intricate of this entire process have been left out, latest reports with all to correct to make better for saw you, the colour of nature to India excise obligation makes it very difficult to provide to glut solutions and it is for this reason that there is not much of a completion in the software industry for Marg excise solutions.
    Our excise software is Suitable for any kind of manufacturer’s unit’s traders it helps user to maintain excise from purchase, excise for sale, Sales payment and receipts of parties and it can also maintain inventory. Is best inventory solution software for trader’s small manufacturers as well as medium level organization. Is inventory software that designed specially to most requirements small and large quick access to your inventory and client details. No more preying (hunting) around for client or stock details. Our inventory software will record the locations. Then use our picking list feature to quickly locate items. Save more time and now includes full supports, allow you to manage stock in another premises. Optimum utilization main powers time -accuracy, point of time and instant reports. Excise well planed always departments supporting each other and delivering ultimate customer satisfaction

  • Excise Billing Features

    Complete Inventory & Accounting Management
    Fast excise invoice generation on the bases of Purchase
    RG-23D Register, Form ST-2 & Other Excise Reports
    Multi Units option (Bags & Qty.)
    Different Excise duty consideration like BED,AED & Cass
    Auto generation of RG Page Number, Go down facility
    Sales/Purchase Register Date/Item/Party wise, Stock Register
    Auto BED,Cess & AED calculation on behalf of Purchase
    Direct Posting from Invoice to RG 23 D Register
    Very Easy & Fast Excise Invoice Generation
    Multi Item billing
    Multi units option (e.g. Loose quantity of Kgs and No. of bags)
    Different Excise duty consideration like BED, AED, SED,CESS etc in Invoice
    AED calculation on Assessable Value or on BED and SED
    Auto Generation of RG Page Numbers
    Variable duty rate selection while making invoice
    Purchase V/s Sales Boudation
    Selected Item Name / Typed name print option on Invoice (eg ABS 2054 RED printed as Plastic Dana)
    Print Duties in Integer / 2 Decimal / 3 Decimal
    Certificate & Receive from print on purchase feeding bases
    Multi Discount system like Item wise per Unit, Lumsum, Percentage & Bill Discounts
    Complete excise detail of party
    Multi Excise Godown
    Complete detail of Bill at the time of Item Selection in Bill
    Show Party Credit Limit / Outstanding / Excise Detail at the time of Billing

  • Excise M.I.S Reports

    Bill wise Stock Balances Item-wise / Godown-wise / Party-wise
    Buyer / Consignee List
    Importer / Manufacturer / Supplier List
    Sales Report Supplier wise
    Supplier wise / Manufacturer wise / Grade wise sales report in Qty/Value
    Different Sales Report
    Party wise off take/Lifting
    Daily Sales Statements
    Stock Valuations
    Consignment Registers
    Sales Abstract, Registers & Summaries
    Cash Flow, Funds Flow & Ratio Analysis
    Budgets/Targets/Credit Limits
    Online Graphs, SMS & Email
    Any Report export to Word & Excel
    Sales/Purchase Analysis
    Gross Profit Analysis
    Financial, Expenses & Budget Analysis
    Operator wise Powers & Boundation with Operator Logbook

  • Excise Reports For Manufacturers

    Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
    Personal Ledger Account (PLA) with Education Cass
    RG 23 A Part I (Item-wise/Date-wise/Group-wise) for Raw Material / Capital Goods
    RG 23 A Part II for Raw Material / Capital Goods
    Service Tax Credit Register with Education Cess
    Duty Available Report
    Daily Production Report
    RG I (Item-wise/Group-wise/Chapter-wise) Daily Stock Statement
    Duty Payable Report (Date-wise / Invoice-wise / Chapter-wise / Group-wise)
    Duty Deposited
    ER-1 (RT-12)
    Export Billing & Packing Slips

  • Excise Report For traders

    RG 23D Godown-wise Register
    Total Cenvas Received / Issued Bill-wise / Godown-wise
    Form-II Part I & II
    Annexure - D

  • Excise Benefits Of Computerization

    Complete Inventory, Accounting & Excise Records Management
    Control on Stocks & Manual Mistake
    Easy & Fast billing with Accuracy
    Cross check of Purchase Rates, Discounts & Cost
    Online Sales Tax/Vat /Excise Reporting
    Effective Purchase Management to reduce costing
    Order Management
    Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
    Integrated Accounting "PAPERLESS OFFICE"

  • Excise Utilities

    User-definable Warning Alarms & Colourful Indication
    Data Export to word/Excel/Tax file
    Last Year comparison with Various Report
    Credit limit in Amount, Bill & Days with stop billing facility
    User definable hot keys
    Year- wise data Backup and Restore
    Draft Mode & GUI Printing
    Bird's Eye View of Accounts
    Powerful Query System

  • Excise Taxtation Reports/Registers

    Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary
    Sales Tax Forms Receivable / Issuable & Reminders
    Sales Tax Account Register & Vat Returns
    Service Tax, F.B.T., T.D.S, Excise, Cess & H.E.Cess

  • Excise List Of Salient Features

    Single User & Multi User
    100% Data Security & Accuracy
    Tried & tested (100% error free)
    Multi currency, Unit, Godown & financial / Year facility
    Calculator & Cash return Adviser
    Month Calendar with Appointment Diary & Note & Note pad
    Suppliers, Customers & Personal Directory
    Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Printing
    Hot key for switch over from one report to another
    Software / Operator / Company Passwords & Boundations
    Data Security with Self Backup & Carbon Copy System
    Sales / Purchase, Bank, Ledger & Data Freezing on any Dare
    Any Report Printing from anywhere

  • Excise Comprehensive Financial Accounting

    All book of Accounting & Final Results
    Configurable Sales & Purchase Registers
    Configurable Payment Reminder Letters
    Interest Calculation & Bank Re-conciliation
    Cost Centers with Grouping
    Post Dated Cheques Facility
    Balance Sheet with various Schedules
    Outstanding Reports and Analysis
    Configurable Statement of A/C
    Depreciation Chart (as per Co. Act/IT Act)
    Funds Planning /Bank Planning

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